Gnome Geocaching

We’re Going on a Gnome Hunt

Written by Tiffany Doerr Guerzon in ParentMap

Located 15 miles east of Tacoma, the city of Bonney Lake sits above the Puyallup River Valley, offering gorgeous views of vistas ranging from Victor Falls and Lake Tapps to Mount Rainier. In addition to views, the city has found another unique way to entice residents outdoors: hunting for gnome home doors.

The fun started when city councilmember Laurie Carter read about a tiny door in a tree in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Curious people were coming from all over to see the mysterious “gnome door.” She emailed a picture of the door to fellow councilmember Tom Watson, who happens to be a woodcarver.

“Could you carve one of these?” Carter asked.

He could and did — 10 times over. Watson carved and painted 10 unique doors that he placed on trees around Bonney Lake. Another councilmember mapped the GPS coordinates so that families could hunt for the magical creations.

Want to join the gnome home hunt? The doors can be found in large and small parks, on hiking trails and even at the Bonney Lake Library. There is even a Bonney Lake gnomes T-shirt available for sale to show your gnome pride.

Operation Gnome Doors
Bonney Lake Parks have been invaded! Find your way to the final door for a surprise you may cherish forever more.
To start your adventure you must solve the riddle for the 1st location OR use your GPS.

Riddle: Beware the slippery sloped path so take the high road lest you Fall and get wet. The view is spectacular but look for the clue behind the arched root. You’ll find the prize that you seek during Park Week amid the natural beauty or our land and so ye shall be the Victor.

GPS Coordinates (WGS84):
47 08’ 59” N
122 11’ 11” W

Happy Gnome Door hunting!

For a list of gnome spots, with hints, visit the Parent Map website. The GPS coordinates to the Gnome Doors are listed below:

Gnome Door Coordinates