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Published on Aug 11, 2021 14:11

Hello Seniors!


Biggest Loser Contest

Are you struggling to lose weight?  Do you need more incentive?  Is cold, hard cash a big enough incentive?  Well, here is a plan that just may work.

Beginning on Tuesday, September 7th (Labor Day Building closure) and continuing until Wednesday, November 24th, each Monday morning, we will host a weigh-in.  Weekly, each contestant will pay $7 for participating in the contest.  The “biggest loser” is the person who drops the most pounds in that given week.  That person will win $5 x (times) the amount of contestants in that week.  Since each participant pays $7 each week, the extra $2 will roll over to the grand prize pot.  The grand prize will be awarded to the person who loses the most weight from beginning to the ending of the contest.

Please sign up before September 3rd, so that we all start at the same time.

To sign up, please see a staff member and receive your weigh in log sheet.


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